Monday, July 27, 2009

How much a person can be greedy?

How much a person can be greedy? If you want to know that please hear the case of our Former Principal Mr.V K Panwar.

Mr.Panwar was given a box full of money when he retired. You don't believe?? then Read this:

1. His Retirement package - RO17000/- (ie.Rs.20 lacs)
2. His medical allowance - RO 800/- (ie. Rs.1lac)
3. Packing allowance - RO750/- (ie. Rs.1 lac) this is for packing and sending his clothes and utensils
4. Gold medal gift from committee – RO650/- (ie.75,000Rs)
5. 5 course dinner in Hilton - RO1500/- (ie. Rs.1.75 lacs)

All totally coming to Rs.25lacs……………whoooooooooh!!
Has he retired as a principal or as some director of a multinational company. This is the money of the poor people that has been spent like this. Who gave the authority to the school to do so?????

And now comes the story…………… despite getting all these (to a Principal who used to shout and send kids outside the school for the delay in paying the school; a principal who used to ask 1000 questions for giving a 10% reduction in school fees>>>>>>>) when he want to leave Salalah he was insisting on to carry the SIM card of the school/….

You can get a sim card here for just RO2/- and still this man wants to carry the school SIM Card so that he can make International calls from India at the expense of the school…… It was told that normally his GSM bills when he was principal would be in the range of RO75/- per month………. Calling all his friends and relatives and talking!!!!

People like him should have the thought that this school is a community property and should not misuse the public money………..

Where is the committee? What they are doing????? Sorry…………as usual they are taking a nap…..thanks sir – we are not troubling you…………

Jai Panwar sahib, Jai Management Committee……….down down poor public…

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trevor Ronald Brown

Trevor Ronald Brown

I had not written for long in this blog. I thought it is useless as long as the existing people do not change. Everyday there is no meaning in writing the same stuff and no improvement seen. However off late I have started seeing a lot of changes in the school which started my interest in our school. The most important one is the change in the Principal. Our old dada - Mr. Panwar Sahib is leaving. He was good in several things and whether we accept or not, he was instrumental in bringing a lot of stability in the school. But his major drawnback is his thumb rule.........whatever i say, it is correct. He was never corrected by the committee (who had that knowledge even to talk in english) nor by his subordinates (who always played "Yes BOss")
anyway since most of things are of past. let us see what is in store for future. Most of you want to know about the new principal and I had done some ground work in school as well as in India and the findings are interesting.
The new principal's photo is above and i am able to manage to get a photo of his wife also.
Trevor Ronald Brown: this is full name. had experience as principal in several schools and wherever he taught he earned a good name. he has some gulf experience also - in UAE. usually kids like him more because of his counselling and motivating skills.
He worked with our Valsala Mam in Choitram school and they were colleagues. See the fate they are going to become colleagues here also.
His wife name is Somi. She is more qualified than him and teaches in one of the prestigious schools in Indore. Both of them studied in the same college and almost the same time.
They have only one kid (sorry I dont know whether it is a son or daughter)
A good educated couple worth by their behaviour, approach, skills and students management. It is to be seen how our expert (!) management committee going to use them.

Somi Brown

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Is it a School or a Butchery Shop?

Is it a School or a Butchery Shop?

One week back, kids from 2nd Std went for a picnic in the nearby park.

10am : One of the kids, during play fell down and hurt her hand. The arm gets swelling……. Till now, everything normal and common. Now starts the classic ISS (Indian School Salalah) style:::

10am: The child starts crying heavily due to acute pain. But the teachers are in conflict who should go with the child…………… the child keeps on crying in pain with none to console

10.30am: It was decided to take the child to the school for first aid and a helper would go along with the child……. the child keeps on crying in pain with none to console

10.50am: On the way to the school helper gets down at Saada, bidding farewell to the child to suffer on her own………the child keeps on crying in pain with none to console

11.15am: Reaches school….takes another 5 min by the school nurse to attend. Pain increases and swelling also increases. Nurse advises to go to Qaboos Hospital…………… the child keeps on crying in pain with none to console

11.30am: not decided who will take the child to the hospital. Child’s parent details are not traced yet and not informed…….. the child keeps on crying in pain with none to console

11.45am: Finally the lot falls on the school driver to have the ‘privilege’ to take the child. You will be shocked to know who is accompanying the child – the child’s brother studying in the UKG!!! – Lord Christ only once said what these fellows are doing they do not know…..but these stupids are doing it daily……. the child keeps on crying in pain with none to console

12.20pm: When the child’s mother rushes to the hospital and meet the child, the child is crying with pain and left in a stretcher with no one except the 5 year old brother

2 days later: Child undergoes surgery for multiple fractures and still in the hospital

Now, let us ask:
1. Is this a school or an Extortion Center?
2. From an LKG / Primary student, the profit got is RO74 / student and the maximum students in the school are under this category. Still is this the way these young ones to be treated?
3. What was the level of decision and control this school is having in deciding to sent a small child (7 year old) with a broken arm to be accompanied with an even smaller child (5 year old)
4. Think of the situation when a child is crying for 3 hours without anyone to console and take care??
5. What is the safety of your child in this school???
It is an utter shame and disgrace to call this a school, better it is named as INDIAN BUTCHERY SALALAH……………………… SHAME ON INDIAN COMMUNITY…………………………

Monday, February 4, 2008

Challo Dilli...sorry Challo Salalah Technical College

Yes like our great freedom fighter Subash Chandra Bose asked his fellow country men to march to Dilli, our true nationalists teachers are also following the path of marching to a great destination - Salalah College. While Bose did it to free India from a tyranny rule, our teachers march is also to free themselves – this time it is for monetary freedom. They walk into the nearest Government College where the salaries are amazing.

8 staff have got the offer from the so called Salalah College and this will be a major hit for the school – who cares for it! You will wonder to hear the increment a teacher gets from the school – RO1 and 500 Bz. The taxi fare from Salalah to School and back is more than this. Then who will stay – only those incompetent and idiotic stuff and those who mint money through private tuitions.

Who is concerned about thus Quality deterioration -
Management Committee – sorry we are very much busy in wearing full suits for the school functions
Principal or Vice Principal – sorry we are very much busy in administrating the school and protecting our chamchas
Social Club – sorry we are very busy in stitching suits to be next members of School Mgmt Commtt
Parents – sorry we do not have time and cannot unite for a common cause

And the poor students believe that the education they get is the best and live happily forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to become the second grade citizens in the highly competitive Indian business world............... Happy ending isn't??????????????????????????

Saturday, December 29, 2007


Mrs.Ponni Bhaskar is moving through the corridor. Suddenly a sound comes - Maa.... she looks and sees her kid calling from the class. (just note that the class is going on with a teacher standing inside the class alive!) Ponni walks inside and her child complaints about one sitting next ; that the other is troubling too much. Ponni as usually shouts and threatens the child.......(again remember all this happens when a teacher stands alive in the class like a mute spectator... ) and then Ponni walks away.

Story did not end here......

The other child happens to be the child of another teacher. She takes up the matter in an aggresive manner........ (see how our great teachers are) both have a small verbal fight........then enters our Vice-Principal.........matter taken to her cabin......35 minutes pass away...................both comes out..........and they lived happily thereafter..........hahahhahahah...............

First of all, it is against my basic ideology to criticise a teacher. In today's world where poor can look to a brighter side of FUTURE only through education, the role of a teacher is more or less to that of a GOD and at times they are more than the parents for a kid. However people who take up this profession had gone to such an extend down that at times teaching becomes one of the dirtiest jobs and the worst hated profession among kids..........

see here a staff how dare to go inside a full functioning class room and then scold a child in the presence of a staff teacher who is taking the class.

See how the matter is sorted out by the VP since it is between two staff members. Will this be the case if it happens from a common God entire Salalah would have been made to stand burning by Principal and Others for such incidents. But when it happens from the staff side.........everything is covered off in strong layers of butter...........

I really believe that Mr.Bhaskar had done some serious sin in his previous birth, else for such a good teacher would not have got such a terrorist lady as wife....................

This year is ending...........if you look into the kids..........for many this year may have been a terror for their many would cherish this year as learning a good habit or remembering a good act by one of their teachers................Let us hope the positives out run the negatives..............YES HOPE IS ALWAYS A GOOD WORD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy, Happy, Happy

They are happy........Finally teachers are getting 20% hike in their salary effective from Jan 2008. whatever fight they did, whatever stuff they said,
finally they landed on happy feet............
Let them be happy and in the process give the students a better education and happy time also....................

Friday, November 23, 2007

Indian School becoming Indian

School becoming Indian in True Spirit

The latest news is that Teachers are planning for a boycott of the class. Hei, dont get excited. it is only one period of the day. and classes from 9th to 12th is excluded as they do not want to damage the future of the
Background of the incident goes like this..... teachers were asking for a salary hike which the management is not heeding to (same old story of our movies) then the new staff secretaries approached embassy of india and they got an order in favour of them (hike should be given). the school management decided to appeal against the same. therefore teachers decided enough is enough.
the outcome would be that by Jan or so (ie.after the vacation) they would symbolically protest by not attending the classes for one period of the day or so.
anyway good news is that the students would have the first hand exposure of strike and non-cooperation movement which till date have been seen and heard in their text books and tvs............